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Getting "REAL"....Good Advice from My Sister
I love my family....and the words of wisdom from my precious sister Nat ♥ LOVE YOU NAT ♥

So here goes some "being real"...TODAY...DOUG WAS VERY SICK.....TODAY WAS PAINFUL!....I GOT ANGRY!...AND I CRIED A LOT!...AND I THREW SOMETHING AT MY PASTOR!.....How's THAT for REAL? What I threw is irrelevant.. ...and I was only trying to hit the couch he was sitting on...NOT him.....but, he may NOT have know that at the time....and I did apologize latter....I was angry and he got the brunt of it for a few seconds.....BTW...he took it very well! Thank you for being a forgiving person, Pastor Randy! He showed more mercy then I had in me this morning.

I called my precious daughter Renee after the nurse and Pastor Randy left. Dear Renee asked, "Mama, do you want me to come over?" And this Mama's heart was open for all the help she could get! What a huge blessing it was to have you here ♥ Thank you for just being "you" and the dear wise and tender women you have grown to be. Your advice to your Mom today was perfect also ♥ found the hard drive on line so I could use my "New" laptop with my printer....downloaded "Spyware" for my laptop...and watched Papa so I could go and get errands done! That may NOT seem a BIG deal...but for me was ALL a BIG deal! Thank you Renee ♥ I love you ♥

Doug....well....he had a really bad day....he started out very early this am with a fever of 104.8.... delirious and chills..... The Hospice Nurse came very quickly. After listening to his lungs she said they sounded pretty bad. She said he has a respiratory infection.... They put him on a "Z-Pac" (I think that's how you spell it) antibiotic....a strong one anyway. The nurse said we'll know in 24 hours if it will help him kick the of 8PM tonight, his fever is down to just over a 100! THANK YOU LORD! Doug is resting quietly, and has most of the afternoon and evening. The nurse has checked by phone, through out the day to be sure he's OK.

Those of you who know my husband very well, know he is one stubborn man.....even as sick as he has been today....his strong will has "shown through" in the early part of the day.....AND if you know me, I DON"T always handle his stubborn ways very well...and I needed MUCH prayer for my attitude and mercy today.........the good news....We both did better with each other this evening! One would think love and mercy would be alive and well in the midst of our struggles...and it has...but today it took a while for it re-surface...and when it had been bathed in His love and mercy! Thank you Lord!

This last Sunday Connie Moore taught on "Forgiveness" in the chapel at the women's prison. Her words rang in my ears and heart today.....LOUD AND CLEAR.....and as I opened my heart to let HIM into ALL OF MY EMOTIONS today...He has stepped in with His tender mercy and gifted me with His Spirit of forgiveness and His mercy. He also filled me with strength and courage.....He heard all your prayers for us today...and He is continuing to answer them...His way..His timing......Thank you one and all ♥ We walked in the power of those prayers ♥
Thank you Elly for this song....we will be listening to this song over and over again on our Journey with Our Master ♥

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Thank you for sharing your difficult day with us Sylvia. We don't always see answers to our prayers so quickly as you did yesterday, but I thank God He did so many things for you. Thank you Renee for helping your Mom so much. Thank you everyone that prayed for Sylvia and Doug, wow you have an army of prayer warriors out there for you guys! and I am so glad your Pastor was able to be there when you needed an understanding moment. You must also thank Elly for the Curtis Chapman song. It was so perfect... I am still in tears... we all needed that song. We are all sharing in this fight for life and YOU, Sylvia and Doug, have brought us together to see God just a little more clearly today. Thank you,
Love you, Natalie

Thank you my dear sister Nat ♥ You have stood by me through some pretty tough times....I am so blessed to have the sisters I have ♥ And then our cup overflows with all our sisters and brothers in Christ who held Doug and I up in prayer yesterday ♥ He heard...and answered.

Doug and I received a beautiful card from Gwen with a rainbow on the front and words of encouragement. She also referred us to Ps. 62: 7 & 8: 7) My salvation and my honor depend on God; he is my mighty rock, my refuge. 8) Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge. Selah

"Selah" means "pause and think on these words" Gwen, we both paused on His Words to us here this morning...Thank you from our hearts ♥

Just a quick update: Doug is doing so well has amazed his nurse today. She told me, "He is doing great today> It's hard to believe he was so sick yesterday!" Thank you Lord.tank you for answered prayer ♥

Bonnie L. Rogers: Thank you Sylvia for being so real and sharing your emotions, it really has helped me in some of my issues. You are such a special lady to me and I know to others also. I am so thankful for Gods Mercy and Love, without it none of us would make it. God Bless you and Doug.

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