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Old Friends ♥ ♥ ♥
Last weekend we had a visit from another dear Florida friend, Lin Smith ♥ It was just as if we'd seen each other the day before.....instead of 6...ya, s-i-x YEARS ago!  Friends of the heart ♥ know no time....they are forever ♥ On through eternity with our God ♥......but till then ....we so had a great time...catching up and just enjoying each others company ♥ We caught up on each others families...(although FB has kept us pretty caught up!) we relaxed, laughed, had some good food and even cried a bit.....but mostly we basked in our mutual friendship and love for each other ♥

Lin works for The Salvation Army's head quarters in Tampa Florida. Over a year ago, she booked tickets for their convention in St. Louis, Mo. When Doug got so sick, she decided one way or another, Lord willing, she was going to get from St. Louis to Boonville, Mo. to visit with us. That is a 2.5 hour trip. Well, she rented a car Friday evening, and made it to our place by 7pm.....and was out the front door by about 6:45am the next morning....needless to say...she didn't get a whole lot of sleep either...cause we stayed up gabbing till after 11pm......they were precious hours to each of us. Thank you Lin for your love and friendship ♥ We were so blessed to have this precious time with you ♥ ♥ And so thankful you got back to St Louis and Tampa safe and sound!

Doug and I were reading in Colossians this morning and when we read this verse, we agreed this has been so true for us and our Tampa Bay Community Church Family: Col. 2:2 "I want them to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of Love" WOW! Have we had those "Strong ties of Love" lived out to us! Thank you Lord for Your people who know how to love like You do ♥ Doug and I are so BLESSED, because we have experienced Gods Love at Open Bible Praise Center too. Our Boonville church family has lived out God's love to us in so many ways! ♥ That is JUST how He meant His church to be...."God with skin on!"

The other day one of the Hospice ladies asked me if we were part of a local church. She said that a "church family" can be so supportive in the journey we are on. I told her we sure were...and we had wonderful support from our church family! I was thinking latter, that the church in general gets a lot of bad publicity sometimes...but here was a young lady who thinks of the church as a VERY GOOD resource for Godly support and love! That tells me she has seen first hand just how loving Gods people can be!

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No problem. . .would do it again if I could!!!!!!!

Love knows no time, me dear friend! We will always love you two, no matter how many miles are between us! Just remember that!!!


So glad God has given you such special friends. Friends like this are gifts from God and you are blessed with so many. Thank you for sharing the blessings God is bringing your way to encourage you.
Love, Natalie

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