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Footprints In The Sand

Last August....Doug and I took care of my friend Connie and her families new kitten and dog when they went to Florida for vacation. Last evening at a ladies retreat, Connie presents me with this photo she took back then. She had printed and framed it for us this week. I held it in my hands and just was sooo perfect for Doug and I.....right NOW ♥ The awesome thing is...she had NO idea JUST how perfect it would be...nor when she took the photo, did she notice the FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND ABOVE OUR NAMES!!!! It represents exactly what I have posted here...we are so aware HE IS CARRYING US....FOR THERE ARE ONLY ONE SET OF FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND ♥ The prayers of our friends and family are heard in the Heaven-lies...and HE IS CARING US! God KNEW our future..and He "wrote" His perspective in the sand..with Connie's finger, back in August ♥ Thank you Lord ♥ ♥ Thank you Connie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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That was me (Leah) lol Could not figure out how to post the comment..but that gave me chills :) So beautiful!

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