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Life comes with so many different  twists and turns......seasons of life....chapters end....and we move on. Our time in Missouri is coming to an end.

We have sold our home to a very dear friend. I told her over a year ago, we wanted to sell our house. At that time, we were looking to go to senior housing....downsize.....again! But then Doug's health took a turn for the worse...and we re-evaluated our options. The one that made the most sense financially, once the house sold was to go back to Florida. A HUGE decision for Doug. He thought it over for a very long time...and because I wanted to go back to Florida.....and  he wanted to know where I would live...and know I was all settled in a good place...he could "relax" and know I was OK. The thought of leaving Rio is almost too much for his heart to bear!......SO PLEASE keep him in prayer. He says his heart gets heavy every time he thinks of driving OUT of Columbia, and leaving Rio behind!

As for the sale of the has been a sale that came about in a very unexpected way! And the amazing thing is......God brought three ladies  together who became not only friends, but prayer partners who have and continue to walk side by side through some extremely heart breaking life experiences over the last few years...... with NO idea either of our lives would bring us to a place were we each would need a new place to live. One, to my buyers buyer, to our house and Doug and I on to Florida ....but our hearts will FOREVER be connected as Sisters in Christ.....who have shared a LOT of laughter, tears and priceless times together with The Lord. He has so faithfully walked along our paths with us....side by side.....collected our tears in His Bottle...and He keeps them by His Thrown.......He has smiled with us, as we giggled like teenagers...and covered us with His Grace when we "lost it". We let Him into our anger, pain and matter what the emotions were. He was never afraid of our roller coaster of emotions.....He rode the roller coaster with us...and still is...and will continue to in the weeks and months ahead! As we used to say as young girls...."Friends 4 Ever!"It has been a privilege to share my heart with them....they both enriched my life and my walk with the Lord...I look forward to having a Florida Beach Party with them one day!

For me, Leaving Renee and family behind.....I can't dwell on it...because it will leave a pain in my heart....Renee and family have been such a blessing to Doug and I over the last 8 years ♥ ALWAYS willing to help matter the need. Renee and I have such different perspectives in life...but at the core of our hearts is a mutual respect and love that distance will never take away! I love you Renee. Thank you for being such a great Daughter and Mom for are his biggest champion ♥ (Then Papa is...and then I guess I come in about 3rd. But I'm OK with that!) Love you both so much, and will miss you terribly! You will have to get Skype though Nay! Please?

We close on the house the 13th of May..and our buyer is giving us a couple of weeks or whatever  we will need to bring things to a close here. We have so much packed and sold already....Remember, we started this "moving process" over a year ago! Doug's son William will be coming the 18th of April to spend a couple weeks with us. He will be helping us do the last of the packing! That will be a huge blessing. Doug's brother Curt is flying up to help drive back. Hospice is helping us plan the drive back. We will be doing only about 5 hours a day. They will have oxygen at each stop already for him. And they are helping us connect to a Florida Hospice even before we get there!

Once we get back to Florida, we have been invited to stay with some dear friends who have offered to share their home to us, till we close on a condo in Sun City. We will be joining other friends and family who already live there! Bottom line...God has got us so covered in this big move......He has had it planned for a very long time...He alone knew what our future held...and He started putting this together in HIS way...and He continues to cover us with His Love and courage.

Are the days tough....YES...but He is and will continue to walk with us right in the middle of it all...filling us with courage and strength..."One Day At A Time".....Thank you LORD! Thank you ALL for your continued prayers! Oh how we depend on them!

                                                                                               In His Love, Doug and Sylvia

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your move

God bless you as you make this transition in your lives! We will continue to pray for you! I love you! Your sister, Joanna

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